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Horse Riding Tours in Corfu

See Corfu on Horseback from Your Luxury Villa

There are lots of ways to explore Corfu, from boat tours and bikes to just getting out and walking around. But few experiences can match taking in the beautiful sights of the island on horseback. Corfu has a rich history of horsemanship and, with its miles of trails, wonderful beaches and lesser-known areas, the saddle […]

Kassiopi Harbour

Your Guide to the Beautiful Village of Kassiopi

Sitting at the northeast end of Corfu, Kassiopi is a favourite spot to visit on the island that has also managed to retain its sense of place and local community. Surrounding a natural harbour, Kassiopi is a place drenched with history and brilliant, local eateries and bars. Even better, the clear, clean waters of Kassiopi […]

Old Fortress, Corfu, Greece

Three Pieces of Corfu’s History to See on Your Villa Holiday

One of the best reasons to explore the island for those on Corfu villa holidays is because of the sheer amount of amazing history on offer. Many peoples – Greeks, Venetians, Byzantines and more – have called Corfu home over the centuries and the millennia, and they’ve all left their own impression on the island. […]

Agios Stefanos Beach

The Corfu Beaches You Need to Visit

Of all the Greek islands, Corfu has some of the very best beaches and scenery. From dramatic, plunging cliffs to pure, crystal waters, Corfu has more than its fair share of stunning, unforgettable beaches. Some are ideal for trying out water sports like jet skiing, while others are smaller and more hidden away, making them […]

Madalena Boat Cruises

Three Ways to Explore Corfu by Boat

As Corfu is one of the most picturesque and beautiful of all the Greek islands, seeing it by boat is one of the best ways to get an overview of just how special the place the place really is. More than that, many of the best boat tours and experiences enable you to enjoy the […]

5 Places to Visit in Europe This Summer

There is no shortage of places in Europe to spend your summer holiday, but with so much variety, it can also be difficult at times to choose a suitable destination which provides what you are looking for. The following suggestions take a look at some of the more upmarket destinations for a summer holiday by […]