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Villas Kassiopi Corfu & Explore the Idyllic Beauty Of Kassiopi

Kassiopi is a village on the North-East coast of Corfu.  This side of the island is widely said to be one of the most attractive parts of Corfu and of all the Greek Islands. With hillsides covered in luscious olive groves and beautiful trails,…
Corfu Island

Fascinating Facts About Corfu

There are so many reasons to love Corfu, the sparkling blue Meditteranean, 200 kilometres of coastline, beautiful beaches & hidden coves, luscious olive groves, the history, the nature, the idyllic mountainous landscape...and we could go…
The Durells Corfu

The Durrells Corfu Memoirs

If you haven't yet experienced the charm that is The Durrells you are missing out. Set in the 1930s and based on the book by Gerald Durrell called My Family and Other Animals, the TV drama is a depiction of Gerald Durrell and his family’s…
Corfu Trail

Trekking in Corfu - The Famous Beautiful Corfu Trail

A short 15-minute drive from our luxury villas in Corfu, you will find the start or finish (depending on your view) of the famous Corfu Trail. This trail covers 220km and takes you across the length of the island. As the most dramatic areas…
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See Corfu on Horseback from Your Luxury Corfu Villa

There are lots of ways to explore Corfu, from boat tours and bikes to just getting out and walking around. But few experiences can match taking in the beautiful sights of the island on horseback. Corfu has a rich history of horsemanship and,…

Your Guide to the Beautiful Village of Kassiopi

Sitting at the northeast end of Corfu, Kassiopi is a favourite spot to visit on the island that has also managed to retain its sense of place and local community. Surrounding a natural harbour, Kassiopi is a place drenched with history and…